Business Valuation

The scope of our business valuations is tailored to the needs of our clients and the intent of the engagement. Our valuation report includes comprehensive exhibits that support our valuation conclusion, as well as an overview of the business, market, and economy when necessary. It also describes value drivers, summarizes the research conducted, along with the inputs and conclusions, and includes an overview of the company, industry, and economy. The valuation analysis is sound, and the thesis is defendable, and if our clients are questioned, we provide Litigation Accounting, which involves serving as an expert witness at trial.

Boldeck Jamaica offers different types of Business Valuation Reports:

  • Comment Letter

The comment letter is an estimation, not an opinion, of fair market value based solely on financial and qualitative information given to the valuator with no substantive steps to validate the quality or completeness of such information. This is often used as a preliminary study in the course of a potential purchase or selling deal.


  • Opinion Letter

A letter of opinion on a narrow spectrum of fair market value focused on a detailed and systematic review of all facets of the industry, with ample and accurate evidence to support the value conclusions. This is often used for corporate purposes where the risk of a legal conflict occurring is low, such as company reorganizations, shareholder arrangement transactions, and executive equity purchasing plans.

  • Mini Report

An opinion letter that has been extended to provide a description of the logic used in selecting the best valuation approaches as well as the core components in valuing the company. This is widely seen in shareholder/partnership lawsuits, succession planning, and expropriation proceedings.


  • Detailed Report

This is a mini-report extended to cover both relevant quantitative and qualitative descriptions and analyses of the business’s activities leading to a conclusion on its worth. It is comparable to a detailed business plan or prospectus format in terms of the volume of detail it provides.



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